Librarica is known for easy-to-use, stable software that simply works.

Our CASSIE System offers an innovative, fresh approach to public computer and printer management. Our exclusive Visual Management makes both staff and patron interfaces simple and intuitive. You can customize the system to fully automate your library's computer and printer usage policies.

Some of CASSIE's features include:

* Access Control and Session Timeouts
* Print Cost Recovery
* Reservations and Waiting Lists
* Statistics Reporting
* Patron Authentication through a Live Link to your Circulation System
* Visual Management
* Full Thin Client Support
* Dynamic Web Filter Control
* Computer Reservations through your Library's Website

SPOT: The Intelligent HotSpot automates your library's wireless authentication and printing. SPOT integrates seamlessly with CASSIE, offering a rich set of staff monitoring and control functions through CASSIE's easy-to-use graphical interface.

SPOT allows you to:

* Charge Your Wireless Users for Printing
* Offer Platform-independent Printing Allowing Patrons to Print from Virtually Any Laptop, etc.
* Enforce Authentication or Allow Anonymous Sessions
* Optionally Enforce Daily Time Limits and your Operating Hours
* Automatically Set Web Filter Profiles for Each Wireless User Based upon the User's Age and/or Patron Type.
* Control or Limit the Bandwidth Usage Based upon the User's Age and/or Patron Type.
* Collect Statistics on All Aspects of Wireless Printing and Usage.

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CASSIE's superior performance and value have made believers out of our customers. To see a sample of what some of them have said about CASSIE and our service, please read our testimonials.