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TDNet is dedicated to helping libraries work faster and more efficiently, while enhancing the library experience for their users.

With its exclusive focus on information technology, TDNet is able to be highly flexible in meeting the needs of individual libraries, knowledge centers and consortia, as well as super responsive when customer service is required. In fact, you’ll find that TDNet’s innovative technology does much of the work itself, saving your library expense and time.

TDNet’s vast experience and its understanding of customer needs enable it to create tailored solutions based on reduced administrative workload for library staff and simplified discovery and access for users. With TDNet, library personnel are able to focus on serving their patrons. .

Optimize your library’s potential with powerful yet simple discovery
TDNet’s innovative Discovery solutions and streamlined user interfaces make searching for relevant information a rewarding experience for users and a cost-efficient investment for libraries.

Empowering users with speedy and user-friendly document retrieval
Users expect quick and efficient access to the documents or data that they require. With TDNet Access solutions, they are never disappointed.

Unifying electronic resource management and optimizing usage
TDNet Management solutions consolidate the management of your library holdings and optimize your library investment by streamlining resource-intensive administrative procedures.

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