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The Dreams of Phillip Aisling is a fun new young adult fantasy novel about a teenage boy who is awakening to his powers as a True Dreamer. On the night of his 13th birthday, his dreams suddenly become as real as waking life. At first Phillip loves the new fantastic dreams, but when they turn into nightmares he doesn't want to sleep ever again! He seeks the guidance of the Oracle who gives him a numinous nagwaagan, or a magical dreamcatcher, to protect him from the draiths that are causing the nightmares. With the protection of the nagwaagan hanging above his bed, he is finally able to safely return to dreamland. But his struggle to learn to control his new powers has only just begun!

Everyone dreams, but not everyone is a True Dreamer. Luckily for you and Phillip, it is something that can be trained. Are you a True Dreamer?