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ST Imaging

ST Imaging

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Contact: Matt Anderson
630 Dundee Rd
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Northbrook, IL 60062
ST Imaging is the manufacturer of the new ST ViewScan ViewScan II Microfilm Scanner-
International manufacturer and distributor ST Imaging, a Digital Check Corp company, introduces the all new ST ViewScan II at the 2013 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. This product incorporates state of the art technology enabling the enhanced viewing and the fast and efficient scanning and digitization of microfilm, opaque microcards, microfiche and aperture cards with an updated, modern design.

Libraries, government and private businesses alike now have the ability to digitally view, research and digitize their collections of micro media in an easy and efficient manner. The product represents a whole new and unique class of microfilm tool, a Crossover? digital microfilm system. Unlike other scanners on the market, or old reader printers, this product combines the best ease of use features of traditional large screen readers for easy viewing, browsing, and searching - with the newest, fastest, and easiest all-digital image capture technology on the market. You can push physical buttons on the carrier to move film at various speeds, and still see the pages that go by as you search without the image pixilating the way it does on all other film scanners. Realistic film movement buttons on the screen of the pc give customers who prefer to click a mouse to move film an easy to use alternative. Once you have the image you want on the screen it only takes a second to capture to digital media or print at high resolution.

The ST ViewScan II solution offers many new unique improvements not found in any older alternate offering, here are just a few of them:
● Scans up to 120 dpi
● Optical zoom up to 105x
● Intuitive and easy to use desktop software that eliminates the need for a jumble of cartoon-like icons to perform viewing and scanning functions
● The ability to simultaneously view both the thumbnails of scanned images, and a live real-time view on the screen of unscanned film images prior to scanning, capture and output
● High-quality image viewing with virtually no pixilation during browsing and searching from page to page
● Extremely quiet operation, with loud noise while zooming the camera and no fan noise
● Enhanced sub-second batch capture of high very high resolution images
● Enhanced viewing mode that incorporates the newest high speed pixel rendering processes to improve image refresh speeds, improve image quality, and virtually eliminate scratches and dust
● Breakthrough ease of use with improved onscreen controls, image work flow processes, and featuring S-T's exclusive new Scissor Cut? cropping tool
● ICIR? (Immediate Captured Image Review) to be able to see what you captured without having to close down the application and open a saved file.
● Convenient USB port on the ST ViewScan II keeps public computers protected.
● Email and share to Google Drive directly from the ST Premium Software.

For additional specifications and or information on the products, please visit or contact You may also contact our media and marketing manager, Matt Anderson, at our corporate offices in Chicago at 847-501-3344

Product Showcase

ST Imaging

ST Imaging

ST ViewScan II
After over a year of development and input from thousands of users ST Imaging is proud to announce the latest in microfilm scanner technology, the all new ST ViewScan II. The user, regardless of their familiarity with PCs or digital microform scanning, can quickly find and enjoy researching film content. In just seconds they can share their find via email, cloud storage, portable media, or in printed form. The ST ViewScan II offers a 300% increase in resolution, housed in a dramatic, new ergonomic design. All of the popular features of the original ST ViewScan are not just preserved, but enhanced. By including the ST Premium Software at no additional cost, there is no better microfilm/fiche scanner available In head to head comparisons with other excellent scanning products, customers consistently rated our product as superior for all of these reasons:

ENHANCED VIEWING: Does not become pixilated when refreshing the live
viewed image the way other scanners do.

HIGH QUALITY image scanning: Archival quality, even contrast,
sharp text, photo restoration, lossless scaling and more.

Flexible Design: The ability to view and scan any size of roll film, microfiche, opaque microcards, aperture cards and more.

Ability to save images to USB thumb drives, email, CDs or print to paper.

INTUITIVE WINDOWS SOFTWARE: ST ViewScan Features exclusive innovations such as our ScissorCut Cropping™ and Captured Image Review in the software is included with our system - a Windows desktop application that is powerful and so easy to use (no confusing clutter of enigmatic icons).

ST Premium Software: The new ST Premium software includes the exclusive Annotation and ClipMerge features allowing the user to work with microfilm like never before. Add notes, a bibliography, highlight, black-out and a variety of drawing elements as well as combining multiple scans onto one page.

The ST ViewScan II is the microfilm scanner that was designed for you and all your patrons
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