Aaron Cohen Associates, Ltd. (ACA) is an interdisciplinary library consultant firm founded in 1972. Our librarians specialize in Space Planning, Technology and Digital Asset Service Planning. We provide a unique set of programmatic standards for new library building projects, reorganization of operations or renovation of existing library services. Our associates use hands-on exercises to work through different scenarios drawn from our personal experiences. We are professional librarians, digital asset management experts, programmers, architects, designers and strategic management consultants.

We have developed over 1,500 planning studies for Academic, Public, School, Law, Medical, Art, Corporate, Government, Pharma and Research Libraries. Our associates hold esteemed professional credentials, have authored five books on library planning and design, and have chaired international associations.

Why hire a library consultant and planning team?

- We identify and determine the program for the library.

- We test the architectural design to determine the project fit.

- We do qualitative and quantitative research that identifies the library services.

- We develop digital asset management systems.

With our clients, we prototype digital asset management systems and VR learning environments, computer centers and preservation centers, library information systems and digital experiences.

We have a wealth of library program studies, archives and management reports to share with your planning team. We can benchmark our past projects to help your team develop an operational plan based on best practices. We can provide recommendations to improve the library building and digital asset management services. We are experts in storage solutions such as compact storage and automatic retrieval systems (AS/RS).

We provide community engagement activities that help define library service requirements. For example, ACA's “Visual Scan©” engages the community by helping stakeholders experience the library. Our work helps the leadership team determine the requirements for library services. Engage with our team and build your data management, digital asset services and knowledge management expertise.