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The Donohue Group, Inc. (DGI) is a provider of professional contract services to libraries, museums and archives. DGI has supported the library community with a full range of technical and consulting services since 1984.

Our Mission:
To provide superior contract services to the community of libraries and archives through high quality consulting, cataloging, and tech support.

We are well-positioned to provide a solution for libraries with donations or backlogs of any size, or other cataloging/retrospective conversion needs. We can work directly in OCLC and SkyRiver under your library's authorization, or you may choose from a variety of record delivery options. DGI's staff can provide MARC records (from core to full level, RDA or AACR2) and complete processing services, and we work with each client individually to craft a workflow to meet collection management needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

DGI's services include:

DGI has provided conversion services for libraries of all sizes and types, customizing each project to conform to the client's local cataloging practices while keeping the end product within national bibliographic standards and requirements.

DGI provides library clients with electronic (MARC) records, spine and pocket labels for new acquisitions; cataloging is tailored to the specifications of the individual client and the local ILS system.

DGI's experienced catalogers include several whose native fluency in a variety of languages has greatly expanded our capacity to serve the foreign language cataloging needs of libraries of all types.

DGI staff has worked with institutional administration, staff and contract service providers to plan and coordinate complex and lengthy automation projects. DGI's strength in project management and a clear sense of the implications of such projects benefit even the most demanding clientele.

DGI can assist with the preparations of collections that are about to undergo an automation project. Staff can be assembled to perform such tasks as shelf reading, weeding, and inventory, as well as pre- and post-conversion application of barcodes and security strips/RFID tags.

DGI has knowledgeable technical staff that can assist in the planning and implementation of projects. Working with the technology staff of the client institution, data transfers, system access, security issues, and other technical details can be arranged well in advance of a project. This assures our clients the maximum security and the greatest efficiencies both before and during a project.

We are professional librarians and archivists who:

DEDICATE ourselves to improving and streamlining access to information
RESPOND to clients' varied needs with proven solutions
DELIVER accurate and timely service with confidence
TAKE PRIDE in being a part of the practicing library community for nearly 30 years
SUPPORT our colleagues on the front lines of library service with a quality of work that meets or exceeds their own standards
FACILITATE successful partnerships among vendors, publishers and their library clients

We invite you to explore our website and investigate the many options DGI can offer your institution.