Ripley Publishing is the publishing arm of Ripley Entertainment Inc., the owner of the internationally famous trademark Ripley's Believe It or Not! As a world authority on all that is unbelievable, the company offers up its vast archives of the strange and unusual through books, television shows, tourist attractions, motion pictures, merchandise and the worldwide syndication of its daily newspaper cartoon.

Ripley Publishing produces a wide range of titles all filled with extraordinary facts, weird figures and incredible pictures. Our books appeal to all ages:

-Ripley’s bestselling headline series is great for all ages. The newest book, Eye-Popping Oddities! is a prime example of Ripley’s culture. Filled with incredible facts, crazy stories and amazing pictures, this series makes it hard for even reluctant readers to put down.

-Elementary school students should check out our Fun Facts & Silly Stories series, filled with amazing pictures and interesting facts about the world, or our Activity books, which combine Ripley oddities with drawing, puzzles and games.

-Older kids will love our Weird-ities series, which contains a high ‘yuk’ factor appealing to a wide age group, or should check out our Twists series, filled with amazing facts and images about topics ranging from space, dinosaurs, sharks and machines

-All adults can be fascinated by the strange things in life. Our Unbelievable Stories series is perfect for people who love finding out about all the crazy stuff in the world. Filled with lists, facts and stories, this book is great for trips and for becoming smarter than your friends at trivia.

All of the titles at Ripley’s publishing are geared towards keeping Robert Ripley’s legacy thriving. The research team is dedicated to finding the newest oddities around the globe, both through user submissions, auctions, or just crazy random happenstance! Ripley’s tirelessly catalogues and publishes these finds so that everyone can be amazed, whether they Believe It or Not!

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