Self-service is key to changing how libraries do business and The Galecia Group is there to help with that process. Beginning with envisioning the new staffing model and focusing on customer experience to evaluating the technologies that will make the staffing changes possible continuing through procurement and implementation. We specialize in RFID, materials handling and automated materials handling, sorters, self-check machines, automated returns, smart book drops, security systems, and kiosks. And equally important, we provide the change management services needed to ensure implementing these technologies is successful.

We also work with libraries looking to move to a new state-of-the-art library system (ILS). We have been active in the open source ILS communities - Koha and Evergreen - and also keep abreast of developments in the proprietary ILS marketplace and new library service platforms. We also provide website development services using the open source content management system, Drupal and have expertise in geodata for creating maps and doing creative mashups with your library data.

Finally, we have worked with many consortia as they transition their services. We have helped evaluate and procure resource-sharing software and we've worked with several consortia to improve workflows around resource-sharing including delivery, holds management, courier management, and logistics. We apply Lean principles and practices to these situations to engage staff in finding the solutions while discovering staff efficiencies that improve the customer experience. We have evaluated delivery operations for library systems, consortia, and entire states and have provided innovative recommendations for completely transforming the way library delivery and sorting services are provided - including manual and automated solutions.


At the Milwaukee County Federated Library System we've had the pleasure to talk with Lori Bowen Ayre on two occasions about RFID technology in libraries. Lori came in person and spoke with a group of librarians from across southeastern Wisconsin at New Berlin Public Library in June 2013 and she made such a favorable impression that our RFID Technology committee felt the need to speak with her yet again just yesterday (July 30th, 2014). Lori is an expert in the field of RFID and particularly how libraries can use this technology. She has a terrific ability to take very complex information and synthesize it into a form that all librarians of varying technical backgrounds can understand. Lori helped us understand how RFID should work in a library consortium and is greatly responsible for the formation of our RFID Technology committee that we use to sort these issues out. Apart from being an RFID expert, Lori is also extremely easy to work with and is very accessible. You can tell she really cares about her work and it's impact on libraries across the country (and world). Our library system highly recommends Lori for any consultation work that you need.