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VenMill Industries is the leading global developer of disc repair machines. For over ten years, our equipment has been used by libraries, video and video game stores, and government agencies to repair and maintain all types of discs, including CDs, DVDs, audiobooks and game discs.

All of our repair machines:
• Include a one year warranty
• Include lifetime technical support
• Are manufactured in the USA

Fully automated and ready to take on a collection of any size, the Hybrid 2.0 is ready to quickly and quietly repair all your discs, including Blu-rays.

Designed for smaller collections, the VMI 2500 is the right price for small to medium libraries repairing discs occasionally.

Already have a disc repair machine, but wish you could save even more of your discs? The QuickSand is the perfect complement to your existing equipment, razing through the worst scratches before you even put the disc in your repair machine.

See our machines in action on our YouTube Channel.

Need help picking the right machine? Visit us at or speak with a representative at (866) 864-0210.