Outcomes and Impacts
If re-positioning your library to include the measurement of "outcomes and impacts" is part of your "going forward" strategy, then the integrated solutions that CO offers will get you there quickly and effectively.

Online, hosted solutions include:
1) LibPAS - Library Performance Assessment module, including transactional data.
2) InformsUs - a solution for "Customer Listening" (LibSat) plus the management of custom forms and surveys as well as process improvement app builder
3) RC App - a comprehensive Reading Club management solution (Outcomes Enabled) ... four seasons, all age groups
4) Feedback Management - structured or open-ended feedback management.

Counting Opinions solutions are:
1) delivered in real-time and provide organizations with cost-effective, valid, instantaneous, actionable feedback - 24x7
2) include powerful "click-only" reports that clearly identify actionable opportunities for improvement
3) available for academic and public libraries, associations, State and Provincial library organizations.

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