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In 1995 Azuradisc invented and patented the worlds first commercial grade disc repair machine and continues today as the innovators in Disc Repair, holding the industries largest number of patents on Disc Repair Innovations. Azuradisc continues to make investments and advancements in reliability, efficiency and finish, our sole dedication to disc repair innovations keeps us ahead of the competition and likely the reason 1,000's of libraries continue to trust our products and services.

Azuradisc not only manufactures and services disc repair machines, we also offers a complete line of disc care products ranging from security guards, scratch guards, jewel case liners, spray cleaner and micro-fiber wiping cloths. If a machine is not right for you, then consider Azuradisc's Professional Mail in Disc Repair Service. You can repair discs for as little as $.85 per disc with a turnaround as fast as 48-72 hours (up to 100 discs) we now have capacity to handle orders from 1 - 100,000+. Check out our dedicated service site at

Azuradisc's product line consists of small desktops to fully automated robotic machines that can repair up to 240 discs per hour. Azuradisc machine repair costs are as low as $.07 per disc making us one of the least expensive machines to own and operate in the industry.

Our machines can repair any optical disc format such as CDs, DVDs, Double Sided DVDs, Games such as Playstation 1, 2 & 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Wii, GameCube also we are again leading the industry with our newest technology that specifically was developed to repair hard coated Blu-ray discs. Our machines are the quickest and simplest to use on any type of scratch from light to gouge. We offer the longest warranty in the industry and personalized customer care.

Azuradisc is your one stop shop for all your disc repair needs!
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