Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Smokers

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A Book For ALL Diabetics. All You Need To Know About Diabetes Control.

Bring your diabetes under control NOW. You CAN avoid diabetes complications and expect to live a natural lifespan and best quality of life. This book that's written by a pharmacist adresses ALL necessary issues for ultimate diabetes control.

Rave testimonials from people who own this book who were able to bring their sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol under control. They were able to lose weight without dieting but by making balanced food and activity choices as recommended by this lifesaving book. Those same people have been able to manage stress and enjoy great sexual health. YOU CAN TOO.

Research confirms that diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol which affect tens of millions of people are largely caused by preventable conditions such as excess weight, obesity, physical inactivity, unbalanced eating habits and tobacco use; in other words by unfavorable lifestyles.

The fountain of health and youth starts with making favorable lifestyle choices, building favorable habits such as making persistently balanced food and activity choices and immediately stopping the use of all tobacco products.

My evidence-based books that are written in very simple styles anyone with a third grade education can understand, address the very heart of all of these issues.

George F. Tohme, Pharmacist, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, Pa in 1987 and is currently practicing pharmacy in Texas. Tohme is certified in Diabetes Management, Cholesterol Management, Smoking Cessation, Certified Nutrition Guidance, Member of the American Pharmacists Association and is a Certified Personal Trainer.

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