Founded in 1988, IGI Global, headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania (USA), is a leading information science and technology publisher of more than 3,200 reference books, 158 highly cited journals, nearly 100 video lectures, and databases focusing on the areas of: business and management information science and technology, computer science and information technology, educational science and technology, engineering science and technology, environmental science and technology, government science and technology, library information science and technology, media and communication science and technology, medical, healthcare, and life science and technology, security and forensic science and technology, and social sciences and online behavior.

IGI Global Databases, InfoSci®-Books, InfoSci®-Journals, and InfoSci®-Videos, offer emerging technology research in specialized content collections. InfoSci-Books is a world-class collection of over 3,200 information science and technology reference works, encyclopedias, handbooks of research, teaching cases, and proceedings. InfoSci-Books is a continuously growing database that provides e-books in both PDF and XML through a peer-review publishing process. The IGI Global journal collection includes more than 158 cutting-edge, interdisciplinary journals managed since 1988. Covering emerging information science and technology trends, InfoSci-Journals is a strong investment for research-focused libraries. IGI Global’s streaming video collection was developed in partnership with leading academics and practitioners to deliver information science and technology lectures. Featuring closed captioning and the ability to utilize the lessons on any device, InfoSci-Videos provides scholarly video lectures in 11 subject areas.

IGI Global’s InfoSci platform offers unlimited simultaneous access to users and provides the ability to precisely return ranked search results through the advanced, XML-powered, full-text search engine. With IGI Global’s liberal DRM policy, researchers can easily locate, view, and utilize the research within each database by copying, pasting, and printing the content directly from the platform. More information available at