Database of multinational company contact information. Search for headquarters and subsidiaries in over 200 countries/20,000 industries.

Since 1955, Uniworld Business Publications has been the most trusted source for contact information of multinational companies. For decades, we published two directories: American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries and Foreign Firms Operating in the United States.

In December, 2014 we launched our signature product Uniworld Online merging our two directories into one online, searchable database covering multinational companies with headquarters and subsidiaries in over 200 countries/20,000 industries.

With Uniworld Online, you’ll find contact information for headquarters, subsidiaries, and branches of multinational firms with offices in another country. If a company only has offices in one country, it won’t be included in our database.

Uniworld Online is a multifaceted library resource. Affordable subscription access includes unlimited searching and unlimited Excel downloads.

How our Library customers use Uniword Online

B2B Sales Leads
Career search
Economic & Business Development
Industry/geographic location to develop commerce streams
Country, Federal, State, County & City commerce data
Fundraising/community outreach
Advancing international markets

How Uniworld Online works
It's user friendly. We have done the work for you. Go to our SEARCH page to find a specific company or customize your search filtered by many variables:
Search filters include:

Zip code/ Postal code
NAICS code
Keyword [company name/descriptive word]
Career posting page on the company website
Revenue / employees

Search page,
Viewing options include web view, PDF and Excel download.
See a sample at,

Our database is up-to-date company contact information for global U.S. and Non-U.S. Companies with their domestic and international locations. Companies are updated yearly by our in-house data support team. New and updated data are added daily.

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