Galecia provides consulting and application development services for modern - and modernizing - libraries across the United States and Canada. We help libraries complete successful technology projects in three principal areas:

• Library Operations: We provide cutting-edge consulting and procurement assistance to help libraries and consortia take advantage of the latest developments in materials handling and workflow optimization. After two decades of consulting, our hard-earned experience as well as knowledge of the latest checkout, sorting, and other technologies can help your team do more with less.

• Digital Skills and Tools for Libraries: Librarians and (patrons) need new skills to succeed and we can help deliver. Our librarian-friendly training offerings can help your staff build the skills and confidence to transform their work and your patron programming. Our custom application development team has built simple apps for internal teams and digital humanities projects viewed by thousands of visitors. We also support and host the open source summer reading program, Bookpoints, which we co-developed with our library partners.

• Civic Technology Leadership: In towns and cities of all sizes, civic technology is bringing community members together with their government institutions to improve the lives of all residents - and libraries are a natural hub for community-focused technology efforts. We provide consulting, training, event facilitation, and even customized open source applications to help your library become a digital community hub.

As a small, values-oriented firm, we focus on building and maintaining close, long-term relationships with our library and consortia clients. Contact us to talk about how we can help your library, your staff, and your community!


At the Milwaukee County Federated Library System we've had the pleasure to talk with Lori Bowen Ayre on two occasions about RFID technology in libraries. Lori came in person and spoke with a group of librarians from across southeastern Wisconsin at New Berlin Public Library in June 2013 and she made such a favorable impression that our RFID Technology committee felt the need to speak with her yet again just yesterday (July 30th, 2014). Lori is an expert in the field of RFID and particularly how libraries can use this technology. She has a terrific ability to take very complex information and synthesize it into a form that all librarians of varying technical backgrounds can understand. Lori helped us understand how RFID should work in a library consortium and is greatly responsible for the formation of our RFID Technology committee that we use to sort these issues out. Apart from being an RFID expert, Lori is also extremely easy to work with and is very accessible. You can tell she really cares about her work and it's impact on libraries across the country (and world). Our library system highly recommends Lori for any consultation work that you need.