As one of the oldest active firms in Rhode Island, LLB Architects has left its imprint on New England for over 80 years.

Our business is built on understanding the needs of our clients. By establishing solid avenues of communication, we arrive at the best solution possible.
This approach has enabled us to develop a portfolio of award-winning work that is as diverse as it is recognized for its excellence. In terms of library planning and design, a specialty of the firm, LLB Architects has been selected for numerous projects, including the Boyden Library, Bolton Public Library, Watertown Free Public Library, and Maynard Public Library.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to design all our projects, which simultaneously creates 3D and 2D information, stores detailed building data, and exports information as CAD files. We’ve also extended our architectural practice to include a customized database management system which has the ability to sort and organize building information for facilities management and future use planning.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the hopes and dreams you have for your library.