CYBRARIAN® public computer automation serves patrons in public libraries, academic libraries, and law libraries. Compatible with Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Thin Clients, and Virtual PCs:
• Regulate patron computer Time Limits.
• Authenticate patrons with your ILS database system.
• Automated Guest Barcodes for visitors.
• Print Management for all devices including Wireless
• Self-Service Waiting Lists
• Self-Service PC Reservations
• Staff PC Remote Control
• Secure every public computer from unauthorized changes.
• Patron Statistics and Usage Reports on computer activity
• Browser Control
• Self-Service Room Reservations
• Automatic Shutdown at the end of the day .
• Computer Availability Map

Patron Login
Patrons who share public computers need a consistent computing environment. It's important to provide an unchanging interface at every logon. Changes in screen appearance can be confusing and difficult for patrons.

Patron Privacy
Shared computer users are also concerned about privacy. They expect that their personal information, from financial data to browsing habits, will not be available to the next patron who uses the computer.